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Bachelor Party Tips

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what games do you play in a bachelorette party

Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette party games are meant to be fun, a way to celebrate the bachelorette finding her bachelor and living happily ever after.

Bachelorette party games can run from innocent fun to risque games. It really depends on how comfortable the bride is with the concept of each game. It is important to never plan a game that a bride would not feel comfortable doing. Here is a list of some fun games to play.

Pin the Macho on the Man: Found at adult stores, this game is a fun one for bachelorette parties! Played like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey " but with a twist. The name says it all.

Scavenger Hunt: This game can be mild or wild. Played just like the game you played as a kid, but with a more adult theme. Party guests would search for more grown-up items at the establishments they are visiting for the bachelorette party.

Suck for a Buck T-shirt: This is a way for the bride to make some extra dough! Sew Lifesavers on a t-shirt. Have the bride wear the shirt to every establishment you visit. At each night club or spot you visit, men will pay one dollar to suck the Lifesaver off the shirt.

Pop-A-Balloon Dare: Put dares for each girl to complete inside balloon, blow up the balloon. When playing the game, have a girl pop a balloon and then follow through with the dare. The dares can be tame or wild, depending on the bride's style.

How old is the "tradition" of bachelor party. Neither my Dad nor I ever heard of such until somewhere in the 70`s. Did we miss something?

Bachelor Party Tradition

Bachelor parties are not a new tradition by any means. Men have been enjoying a send off from the bachelor life for thousands of years.

The tradition of having a bachelor party can be dated back to ancient Sparta in the fifth century.

The night before his wedding, the groom and his friends would have a feast, some drinks and let loose as a way of saying "goodbye" to bachelor-hood. The groom would promise to always keep in touch with his male friends while enjoying the company of his male comrades

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